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    A novel such as EL LUCIFERI, in which so many divergent views are expressed, may lead the reader to wonder where, exactly, the author stands on these issues. I have been studying diverse Religious texts and controversial knowledge for many years, in itself a hazardous undertaking. But I have had an opportunity to experience a few of them, some of which I am not very proud of. I conclude:
    We know astonishingly little about every aspect of religion, from there past history, to there present state, to how to approach and distribute there knowledge. In every debate, all sides overstate the extent of existing knowledge and its degree of certainty.
    Atheism is increasing, and human activity is the probable cause.
    Nobody knows how much of any religion present in the world might be man-made.
    I suspect that over 80% of Christian organizations are Fraternities with large horns to conceal.
    Before passing any judgment on God, I think it is reasonable to have a probable personal conviction.
    I am certain there is too much certainty in the World.
    I am a fame believer in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and all it represents. I believe it is the only ticket required of man to enter heaven.
    Everybody has an agenda except me.
    This is not a work of fiction, it is based on a true story. Characters, corporations, institutions and organizations in this book are replaced with aliases without any intent to describe their actual identity. However, references to real people, institutions, and organizations that are documented in footnotes are accurate. Footnotes are real.
    Satanism is very different from other religions. Satanism is different in that it does not mix. Mixing Satanism and Christianity for example is like mixing water with electricity. Most people came from Christian backgrounds and for many there are still some lingering issues and hang-ups. Christian programming is very intense and given the extremely large amounts of psychic energy that have gone into it through centuries of Christian prayers and belief, there is a lot of negative programming that one must overcome in order to be totally free.
    People who are uncertain of their beliefs and who still have strong ties to Christianity or other related programs, either consciously, or in many cases subconsciously, can be setting themselves up for some very frightening and negative psychic experiences.
    Calling upon Demons and going deep into the occult can bring up some very unexpected negative encounters for dabblers. This is the work of enemy alien entities that use fear to keep humans away Satan. In most cases this works, as it instills terror in the dabbler and he/she usually goes running back to the Nazarene and blames Satan.
    Very, very few, if any, progress in power unless they have a powerful protector. When one who is serious in developing the powers of the mind advances to any formidable level, or has any serious ability, he/she will be approached by powerful entities asking him/her to take sides in the spiritual war. The truly gifted who walk alone usually don’t live very long on this earth without the protection of a higher power.
    Those who are without and delve into the occult a little too deeply will often meet with unpleasant experiences, therefore DO NOT PRACTICE WHAT YOU SEE HERE.
    In the church, a zealous teenage girl meets a series of mistreatment that left her doubtful and eventually irreligious. Leaving home and the church was freedom, adventurous, and eye opening.
    God became a myth, religion a means to an end, howbeit, an end never reached except by few insincere minority. It just didn’t add up. Atheism wasn’t satisfying enough either, there was something missing. She began the quest for answers. Not too long later, her answers would locate her – what can you offer in exchange for solutions?
    Theistic Satanism, a hidden religion, promises of benefits, her struggles, gains, sacrifices and the consequences of her actions.
    “Deceit is the false road to happiness; and all the joys we travel through to vice, like fairy banquets, vanish when we touch them.” ~ Aaron Hill.
    Those who are without and delve into the occult a little too deeply will often meet with unpleasant experiences, therefore DO NOT PRACTICE WHAT YOU SEE HERE!
    EL LUCIFERI by QueenEsther Ugoeze.

    Sold By: QueenEsther


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