8 reasons to sell digital

  1. Direct lines of communication

Digital products offer unique ways to communicate directly with your customers, and even build entire communities around your products. It’s enticing, easy, and effective for customers to sign up for a mailing list or newsletter in exchange for immediate access to digital downloads (something that can’t be achieved with physical products) and if you are selling products like training courses (for example), you can utilize social media and/or create an open forum for customers to ask questions or exclusive private channels of communication (like Slack), giving them direct access to you – a personal touch that creates extra value for them and

It’s the way of the future

Modern digital life is a result of technological progress and permanent cultural changes – and there’s no going back! Considering the methods that people are getting used to (like immediately available media via downloads and streaming, etc.), digital products cater specifically to this new culture, and provide people with the education, entertainment, tools, and resources they need to enhance their lives in one way or another. It is unlikely that these types of products will go out of fashion anytime soon, so it’s still a great time to get in on the action.

  1. Personal freedom and lifestyle

If you want to run your own business, be location independent, have the freedom to be creative, and produce your own products, then selling digital products may be for you! With all of these benefits, as well as the potential for substantial ongoing passive or semi-passive income, digital products can be the ticket to an entirely new lifestyle that is free from the costs and restrictions of dealing with physical products. You can do it from almost anywhere! And with billions of dollars in revenue, there are plenty of opportunities to create something valuable while generating income at the same time.

What benefits have you enjoyed from selling digital products? Is there anything we missed here? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Profit margins are irresistible

One of the biggest benefits of digital products versus physical products is profit. Without the costs of physical materials and other factors associated with the creation of physical products, the profit margins for digital products can be quite high. And just think – even if you ran an online store that sold physical products, you’d still need a website with eCommerce tools, as well as a way to facilitate payments and customer accounts. All of this would be in addition to managing the physical side of your business, whereas selling digital products consolidates all of your business activities into the digital realm, meaning less costs and more profit!

  1. Digital products last forever

Unlike physical products, digital products are not subject to wear, tear, or deterioration; they may become less relevant over time as technology changes, but they can be updated easily, and they last forever. Digital products can be used indefinitely, remaining in the same condition as they were the day of purchase.

  1. Never out of stock

Due to the nature of digital products, you can sell as many copies (read: licenses) as you like, with unlimited duplication and shelf life. Some digital products sell for years and years, bringing in consistent passive income and significant returns on time, energy, and financial investments. Your customers never have to worry about items being out of stock, and except for any limitation you decide to impose on the number of copies sold, the product is always immediately available for purchase.

In terms of benefits over physical products, it’s also easy to release product updates, revisions, or new iterations of your product to customers – and needless to say, recalls are entirely irrelevant.

  1. Lower overhead costs

Generally speaking, running a digital product store requires far less overhead than selling physical products – no physical storage, manufacturing, packing, or shipping and handling costs, for example. Compared to brick and mortar stores, you can also skip the rent, electricity, staff, and higher burn rates, too! With a digital product store, many things can be fully automated, from customer accounts and communications, to the digital delivery of your products.

  1. The internet is a large market

Running any kind of online business gives you the ability to reach a global audience – at least any audience with reliable internet access! But while online physical product stores may have shipping limitations, and physical stores are certainly not easily accessible to the entire planet, digital product stores allow you to do business anywhere in the world, with very few limitations.

Online, it’s easy to find niche communities that will support all kinds of different products, with a vast array of options and needs to fill. You don’t have to worry about the legality and logistics of using certain physical materials, as digital products are, well, digital – and universal in their format(s).

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